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It’s only the end of the year, not the end of the world

December 13, 2021
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Are you feeling that end-of-year frenzy? Everyone rushing around trying to get done as much as they can before Christmas, setting ‘hard’ deadlines and somewhat unrealistic expectations. Add to that all the pre-Christmas socials and the complications brought on by COVID – no wonder why many of us are feeling out of breath!

Although we might think that this frenetic rhythm helps us get things done, it often makes us more reactive – we might get a lot of things done, but not necessarily the most important ones.

A quote to keep in mind

“It’s only the end of the year, not the end of the world.”

– Mica Vaipan 😁

How to manage your end of the year wisely

Take a deep breath.

Then remind yourself – “It’s OK – it’s only the end of the year, not the end of the world. What’s not going to get done this year, will get done in 2022. All I can do is prioritise as best as I can and use this time wisely.”

Lastly, take 10-15 minutes today for a quick prioritisation exercise:

  1. Calculate the number of remaining hours you have available
  2. List out all the things that you want to get done
  3. Break them down into smaller ‘chunks’ of < 1 hour
  4. Give each of them an impact score out of 10
  5. Schedule the highest impact things you can realistically get done
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Written by
Mica Vaipan

Performance & wellbeing coach, entrepreneur. Formerly startup founder, tech startup COO and investment banker.

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