I work with high-achieving entrepreneurs, startup founders and their teams to help them reach their peak performance without compromising on wellbeing. Because performance and wellbeing are not an 'either-or', but rather reinforce each other.

Let's work together to achieve your aspirations

As a former startup founder, CXO and investment banker, I know too well how overwhelming it can feel when you can't reconcile your high-achieving nature with the toll it can take on your life. To be driven by a harshly self-critical voice, which on one hand motivates you, but on the other hand sabotages you.

I have learnt that things can be different. You don't need to compromise on your aspirations, but rather adopt a new way of thinking, operating and connecting with those around you – in order to achieve your aspirations.

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Mica Vaipan
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performance & wellbeing coach
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Our focus

Let's reshape...

How you think


Focus on your strengths, the things within your control and the opportunities in each situation. Know what you truly care about to know what's worth focusing on and stressing about. Have a clear picture of where you want to get to. Tackle limiting beliefs and behaviours. Develop self-compassion.

How you operate


Build the "infrastructure" for a resilient mindset. Be intentional about how you spend your time. Structure your day to optimise for performance and wellbeing. Reframe your "time off" as an intentional and productive activity. Develop an unbreakable morning and sleep routine.

How you connect


Learn to communicate effectively. Have your needs met without compromising on the needs of others. Feel supported by those around you. Respond to feedback constructively rather than defensively by cultivating a growth mindset. Invest time and be present in those relationships that matter to you.

You may be unable to control the situation

But you can control how you respond to it.

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Set a new baseline for your performance and wellbeing

Be present in the moment, attain life satisfaction, fulfilment and connection with others.

Have energy, think clearly, feel great in your body, have appetite to get involved in life.

Find purpose in what you do, feel creative and productive, expand your potential.


What my clients
have to say

When I met Mica, I was at a pivoting point in my 10-year journey as an entrepreneur. Mica’s great attention to details and tailored approach helped me clarify my most profound dreams, live more authentically and reach the calm I needed to deal with the current and the new. I learned how to re-balance my days to ensure that the things that give me energy are always present. More importantly, I learned how to combine my natural high drive as a high-achiever with a high dose of self-compassion. Mica’s style is unique – her exceptional notes from all sessions make you truly see what you tell to yourself in the mirror, and that’s so powerful.
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Roberta Lucca
Serial Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster & Angel Investor
Hyper Curious Podcast
Bossa Studios
Although I've been fortunate to benefit from a number of different coaches in the past, the experience of working with Mica blew me away. Her delicate but sharp questions led me towards some subtle but profound shifts in perspective that I would have never reached on my own. I have greater clarity about the future I aspire to and a clearer articulation of my place within it as a result. She's extremely attentive, amazingly diligent and follows up regularly to keep you thinking. Perhaps most of all, it's obvious she really really cares... not just about doing a good job for herself, but about you, your life and your goals.
Person's Portrait
Rob O'Donovan
Serial Entrepreneur
Born Social
Since working with Mica, my approach to work and life have been genuinely transformed. I feel more aware of the decisions I’m making, I'm making more time for myself, and setting time aside for making important decisions for my business as well as my personal life. Mica has taught me a lot about how to handle difficult situations and decisions, which has helped me become a significantly better manager and leader for my team. Working with Mica has been a pleasure – she truly listens and clearly has experience of the challenges I am dealing with on a daily basis.
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James Gill
Tech Startup Founder & CEO
Working with Mica has been a revelation! Thoughtful, honest and incredibly perceptive, she's helped me to gain a lot of clarity at a time when I couldn't cut through the noise. Mica's approach is structured and thorough, however balanced with flexibility to discuss issues that arise unexpectedly. Mica is sensitive but direct in her approach, pushing me to be honest with myself and challenging me on my assumptions, whilst never failing to be kind and sensitive to my personal journey. I would highly recommend entrusting Mica to help you look at your current challenges through a clearer lens.
Person's Portrait
Anna Hyde
Tech Startup COO, Former Lawyer & Venture Capitalist
Bright Little Labs
Bethnal Green Ventures
Allen & Overy
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I run virtual workshops for startups and scaleups, venture capital funds, accelerators, incubators and networks of entrepreneurs. The goal of the workshops is to equip founders and their teams with emotional and tactical skills required to navigate the challenges they face on a daily basis.

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