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guiding principles

Prioritise through purpose

Begin with discovering your values and what matters most to you in life. Identify your “bigger-than-self” purpose and let your priorities reflect it. Yet be the master of your purpose, don't let your purpose be the master of you.

Nurture yourself

Invest in your own wellbeing to build resources for attaining the things that matter to you most. It’s the gift to yourself that pays dividends to others.

Develop awareness through curiosity

Become curious and increasingly aware of your behaviours without self-judgement or shame. Acknowledge your imperfections with kindness and curiosity, allowing for change to happen.

Build on your strengths

Acknowledge and focus on the strengths you have developed over time. Let these be your “super powers” in achieving your goals – don’t worry too much about how others do things, find your secret sauce!

Learn through laughter

Learn to experience simple joy, in the absence of any achievements, by taking yourself more lightly and laughing more.