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What my clients have to say

When I met Mica, I was at a pivoting point in my 10-year journey as an entrepreneur. Mica’s great attention to details and tailored approach helped me clarify my most profound dreams, live more authentically and reach the calm I needed to deal with the current and the new. I learned how to re-balance my days to ensure that the things that give me energy are always present. More importantly, I learned how to combine my natural high drive as a high-achiever with a high dose of self-compassion. Mica’s style is unique – her exceptional notes from all sessions make you truly see what you tell to yourself in the mirror, and that’s so powerful.
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Roberta Lucca
Serial Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster & Angel Investor
Hyper Curious Podcast
Bossa Studios
Although I've been fortunate to benefit from a number of different coaches in the past, the experience of working with Mica blew me away. Her delicate but sharp questions led me towards some subtle but profound shifts in perspective that I would have never reached on my own. I have greater clarity about the future I aspire to and a clearer articulation of my place within it as a result. She's extremely attentive, amazingly diligent and follows up regularly to keep you thinking. Perhaps most of all, it's obvious she really really cares... not just about doing a good job for herself, but about you, your life and your goals.
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Rob O'Donovan
Serial Entrepreneur
Born Social
When I started working with Mica, I wasn't really sure what I wanted from a coach, and I knew that it hadn't worked for me in the past. Yet she handled all of that really considerately, and has helped hone our sessions together into something that I find invaluable, not just in the moment, but on reflection over the last 18 months. Where she excels is in attentive listening and phenomenal note taking – whenever I look at my session notes I am always in awe of the detail and care that's gone into them, the nature of how they're put together. I think she's rather exceptional and I'm excited to continue working with her. I have personally recommended her to many of my friends, which I definitely don't do that often!
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Dan Murray-Serter
Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster & Angel Investor
Secret Leaders
I started working with Mica because I was seeking a clearer insight into my drivers and motivations to inform my professional decision-making. Mica helped me find my ‘centre’ - giving me the opportunity and space to articulate my values, priorities and the things in life that give me energy … and ultimately how to assess big decision-making against these core requirements. I feel like I have found not just a framework for my decision-making now but a template to keep going back to as my experiences and needs change. Her support with building this ‘map of me’ has left me feeling invigorated, inspired and confident that I have the tools to better identify the right direction when stresses, challenges and forks in the road present themselves.
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Jess Butcher MBE
Entrepreneur, Advisor, Marketer & EHRC Commissioner
The trajectories of my personal life and my startup have both undergone dramatic transformations since beginning to work with Mica. She has helped me navigate a tough period and bring the business out of the pandemic in a stronger position than it's ever been before. In a personal capacity, Mica has helped me make improvements to numerous dimensions of my life that have made me happier and healthier, and that have had very tangible knock-on effects on the performance of my business. On a deeper level, Mica has helped me unpack a lot of self-limiting beliefs and to fundamentally change my mindset (and associated outcomes) in just six months. In a nutshell: Mica has been an incredibly supportive, compassionate, challenging, and life-changing coach.
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James McAulay
Tech Startup Founder & CEO
Encore Musicians
Entrepreneur First
I was seeking ways to grow as a person in life and work. Previous to working with Mica, I was sceptical about whether coaching would push me further as an individual. I was in the best position I had ever been in, yet I felt I was plateauing, so I was willing to try different things to continue growing as an individual. Working with Mica has brought the clarity I was searching for and has given me a deeper understanding of who I am. In our sessions, I can articulate my vision without any judgment, which allows us to map our clear pathways to my goals, no matter how ambitious they are. I have more energy, confidence and belief in my abilities. I've never worked with a coach before in this capacity, but I can say it has been a life-changing experience, and we've only scratched the surface.
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Reuben Selby
Tech Startup Founder & CEO, Fashion Designer
Reuben Selby