What my clients have to say

Working with Mica has been a revelation! Thoughtful, honest and incredibly perceptive, she's helped me to gain a lot of clarity at a time when I couldn't cut through the noise. Mica's approach is structured and thorough, however balanced with flexibility to discuss issues that arise unexpectedly. Mica is sensitive but direct in her approach, pushing me to be honest with myself and challenging me on my assumptions, whilst never failing to be kind and sensitive to my personal journey. I would highly recommend entrusting Mica to help you look at your current challenges through a clearer lens.
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Anna Hyde
Tech Startup COO, Former Lawyer & Venture Capitalist
Bright Little Labs
Bethnal Green Ventures
Allen & Overy
Mica turned my preconception of coaching on its head. Everything is outcome orientated, the sessions are very clearly structured and her notes are incredibly thorough. It makes looking back on what value you have gained an easy question to answer. Working with Mica has been such a pleasure. She has helped me understand and articulate my personal purpose and values. This has brought me a tremendous sense of calm and confidence at home and work. We have also looked at some of my biggest strengths as a leader and how I can use those more effectively. Since starting our sessions I’ve had lots of positive feedback from others on the changes I’ve made!
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Richard Hollingsworth
Marketplace Startup Founder & CEO
Working with Mica has given me peace of mind in how to be a founder. I have learnt to appreciate my individual leadership style and improved my sleep. She has led technical teams before, which is another point that I value in working with her. Her incredible empathy makes every single session a learning experience and my brain feels in a Zen state of mind after each session. I can highly recommend working with her, especially for first time founders!
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Maria Meier
Tech Startup Founder & CTO
Entrepreneur First
Mica was able to help me immensely in ordering my jumbled thoughts about where I wanted to take my career next. She was able to help me structure my thoughts and translate them into executable actions. I would describe my experience of working with Mica as somewhere between teaming up with a Chief of Staff, Project/Product Manager and co-founder. Particularly helpful for people who have a lot of ideas and struggle to order them.
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Jimmy McLoughlin OBE
Entrepreneur, Podcaster & Political Adviser
Jimmy's Jobs of the Future
No. 10 Downing Street
Institute of Directors
Mica conducted a group resilience building workshop for 10 founders from our portfolio companies, which resonated so strongly with participants that several founders have engaged her to do sessions for their companies. As investors, we speak of resilience as an innate trait or talent in founders, which can be no further from the truth. Founders have the opportunity to become better leaders, managers and evangelists if they invest in building a resilient mindset to better manage stress and communication. Providing high-performance individuals with this toolkit for development is Mica's unique value proposition. Particularly during a time of a global pandemic, as teams are increasingly becoming distributed and working remotely, I can think of no better playbook to offer to our founders and their teams.
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Min Teo
Managing Investment Partner
Our company, like many others in 2020, had to execute a massive amount of changes to cope with the COVID pandemic. The situation was creating an unprecedented level of stress in our teams and so, when I was tasked with forming a new project team, I realised I needed help! Mica helped me understand how to better support the team with workshops and 1-on-1 coaching. Her workshops were interactive, informative, engaging and pragmatic, covering various aspects of dealing with stress and burnout. It served as a great moment for the new team to come together, build trust, and create a safe space for us to talk about the challenges we were facing at the time. I would recommend engaging with Mica to anyone dealing with stress or burnout in their teams or as individuals.
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Marta Jasinska
Chief Technology Officer
Bloom & Wild