The Startup Journals

Are you an entrepreneur, founder or working in a startup? This 3-month journaling set has been designed for you, to help you run yourself, so you can better run your business and your life. Think of it as your self-coaching toolkit – a collection of tested frameworks and practices, inspired from my daily work as a coach. Here's what you'll be getting:

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Not just another journal, but a self-coaching toolkit
designed for you

The frameworks inside these journals are a distillation of the hundreds of hours I have spent coaching other impressive entrepreneurs and startup leaders. 
Portrait of Mica
Mica Vaipan
Performance & Wellbeing Coach For
Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders & Teams

As a coach, I’ve been privileged to have a window into the various challenges that entrepreneurs and startup leaders face. I have found that while such challenges may be varied and complex, the techniques for overcoming them can be much simpler. 

These journals are a distillation of those frameworks and practices. I hope they can bring you a sense of composure and progress through the challenges you may be facing on your journey. 

The frameworks inside these journals are a distillation of the thousands of hours I have spent coaching 100+ impressive entrepreneurs, founders and startup leaders. 
Portrait of Mica
Mica Vaipan
Performance & Wellbeing Coach For
Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders & Teams

How will you benefit?

Higher productivity

Manage your energy and time more effectively to achieve more

Better decision-making

Process your thoughts and emotions to gain mental clarity

Inspiring leadership

Empower and inspire those around you with a sense of composure
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How will you benefit?

You’re going to manage your energy and time more effectively. You’re going to leverage your thoughts and emotions in a more productive way. You’re going to empower and inspire those around you.

This will in turn help you with the things you care deeply about – growth, hiring, fundraising, as well as your happiness and that of your family, team and customers.

  • Higher productivity
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Better leadership
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Get the practices developed from working with these inspiring entrepreneurs

My coaching sessions with Mica helped me clarify my most profound dreams, live more authentically and reach the calm I need to deal with challenges. I learned how to re-balance my days to ensure that the things that give me energy are always present.

Portrait of Mica
Roberta Lucca
Co-Founder of Bossa Studios, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster & Angel Investor

Mica's delicate but sharp questions led me towards some subtle but profound shifts in perspective that I would have never reached on my own. I have greater clarity about the future I aspire to and a clearer articulation of my place within it as a result.

Portrait of Mica
Rob O'Donovan
Co-Founder of CharlieHR, Born Social & Foundrs

See what's inside the journals

Journal #1

Reflections &
Special Situations

Define what matters the most to you right now, set goals in alignment with that, reflect on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as during ‘special situations’ – when you’re feeling worried, painfully self-critical or struggling to make a decision.

  • Core Values & Purpose
  • Monthly Goal Setting
  • Monthly Reflections
  • Weekly Reflections
  • Special Situations
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Image of The Startup Journals
Journal #2

Daily Check-Ins &
Morning Thoughts

Check-in with yourself for a few minutes daily, to help you make the most of your internal resources by increasing your awareness of how full your fuel tank is and the things that refuel you most effectively.

  • Morning Check-Ins
  • Morning Thoughts
  • Evening Check-Ins
  • Habit Tracking
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Questions that may be on your mind

Who created these journals?

My name is Mica and over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching 100+ entrepreneurs, founders and startup leaders. As a coach, part of my job is to ask the 'right questions' so I can help my clients gain perspective and overcome their challenges. Over time, I've noticed that while such challenges are complex and vary greatly, the techniques used to overcome them are quite similar.

This is what made me want to put together some of the various questions and practices, which have benefited my clients during our sessions, into this set of journals – so they can use them on their own outside of our sessions, and so others in the startup ecosystem can access them too.

I have personally spent the last decade in various different capacities in the startup ecosystem – as a team lead, COO, founder, investor, mentor and coach. In addition to my startup experience, I previously worked in investment banking. So I know too well what it’s like to work in high-pressure roles, and how overwhelming it can feel when you can’t reconcile your high-achieving nature with the toll it can take on your life. But I believe that with the right toolkit each of us can achieve a more compassionate and enjoyable kind of high-performance – one that doesn’t compromise on either our aspirations or our wellbeing.

Read more about my personal story here, how I support startup founders and their teams here, and what they have to say about working with me here.

How will I turn them into a habit?

Have you tried journaling before, but didn’t manage to make it stick? You’re not alone! Developing a new habit is challenging, but not impossible. 

To tackle this challenge, the Introduction & Directions part of these journals provides you with a well-tested framework to help you crystallise your 'why' and set the foundations for a long-lasting journaling habit. 

In addition to that, upon receiving the journals, you'll have access to a step-by-step onboarding process – a sequence of 10 emails from me gradually guiding you through each practice, such that you never find it intimidating or overwhelming. 

Finally, you can reach me anytime via email – I'm here to help you make The Startup Journals work for you.

How much time will they take me?

The practices from Journal #1 – Reflections & Special Situations – will likely take you around 2-3 hours a month. While it may sound like a lot, it’s the equivalent of 2-3 episodes on Netflix, except these practices will change the way you run yourself and your company.

The practices from Journal #2 – Daily Check-Ins & Morning Thoughts – will likely take you around 10-15 minutes daily. This small time investment will help you develop an alert system, letting you know how far you can stretch yourself each day.

All that said, something is better than nothing! If you feel it’s taking you too long or you’re not benefitting from all the elements included in these two journals, don’t be afraid to pick those that you enjoy the most and be honest with yourself about the time that you’re able to dedicate to it. Make it work for you! And please keep me posted, so I can design better products for you.

What if they don't work for me?

Each of us is different and not all things work for all people. If you're struggling to make a habit out of your journaling practice or this journaling set is simply not what you expected, please drop me a note on Simply let me know about your challenge and I'll be happy to help you or give you a refund.

Please check the Withdrawals, Returns and Cancellations section of our Terms & Conditions to make sure you're happy with our terms.

What countries do you deliver to?

We currently deliver within the UK, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, US and Canada. For deliveries outside of the UK, you may be charged additional import duties & taxes. Please check this online calculator to know what to expect.

If you'd like us to ship your order anywhere else, please drop us a line at

What's all this fuss about

It's simple and empowering

One of the most easily accessible techniques to help you develop a more symbiotic, non-ruminative relationship with your own mind.

Journaling empowers you to solve your own challenges, without feeling like you're burdening others. It provides you with a non-judgmental forum to process your own thoughts and feelings, so you can communicate them more effectively to those around you.

Image of hand journaling

can help you with

  • Processing thoughts
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Making better decisions
  • Developing growth habits
  • Strengthening relationships
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Proven Benefits

Improved mood

Increased motivation

Reduced stress

Higher creativity

Better sleep

Journaling Forms

Guiding frameworks

Free-flow writing

Reflective journaling

Gratitude journaling

Habit tracking

Others Who Journal

Tim Ferris

Barack Obama

Richard Branson

Oprah Winfrey

Lady Gaga

What other entrepreneurs say
about journaling

I don’t journal to ‘be productive.’ I don’t do it to find great ideas or to put down prose I can later publish. The pages aren’t intended for anyone but me. It’s the most cost-effective therapy I’ve ever found.

Tim Ferris
American entrepreneur, investor,
author and podcaster

How journaling works
in our brain

It sounds too simple for our complex mind, but it works

The physical act of writing activates our prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain which:

  • regulates our emotional stress response
  • helps us make complex decisions
  • enables us to set and achieve goals

Some research also suggests that writing may have another beneficial effect – by keeping the left hemisphere of our brain sufficiently engaged, it allows the right hemisphere to show its strengths:

  • enables us to put things in perspective
  • helps us make sense of unknowns
  • makes us feel more connected
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In humans, just as in animals and birds, the right hemisphere underwrites breadth and flexibility of attention, where the left hemisphere brings to bear focused attention.

The capacities that help us as humans – empathy, emotional understanding, and so on – are largely right-hemisphere functions.
Iain McGilchrist, psychiatrist and author of “The Master And His Emissary”

Do you have any other questions?

Drop me a line anytime at
I’d love to hear from you!

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